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About Us

PC-IMP was formed in late 2006 evolving from an Northampton based company called PC Home Repair Team who are primarily fixing computers and installing networks etc they also build high end custom gaming computers to the local area. The gaming PC builds became so popular it forced the birth of PC-IMP. 

So, if you want to find out why we think you should let us to create your ultimate computer, then check out our Products Page. 




Why Choose Us?


PC- IMP will not out source building to other firms rather than building and testing ourselves. As this can lead to complications including limited stability,  inadequate attention to detail and careless construction. When you buy a system from PC-IMP your computer will be built by one of our own highly qualified engineers,

Your Computer will be given peerless testing and will have to pass our stringent quality control testing,  It will be optimised and set up by one of our highly trained team. We have repeatedly been commended for our exceptional warranty terms and high levels of customer support.  These are available to all our customers regardless of the type of PC system ordered.

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a PC only for it to not work properly, or require troubleshooting within the first few days. We take every possible measure to minimise the chances of such an occurrence. We also offer free delivery within Northamptonshire.